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Christian Doctrine (6)

Summary notes on Shirley C. Guthrie, Jr. Christian Doctrine (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 1994) Chapter 6 “What Is God Like? The Doctrine of the Attributes of God” The “God is dead” movement in theology represents the death of inadequate … Continue reading

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Christian Doctrine (3)

Chapter 3 of Christian Doctrine focuses on the doctrine of “general revelation” – the idea that God is or can be known “by the light of nature and the works of creation” (Westminster Confession, 1.1). Guthrie presents the following summary … Continue reading

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Maybe Not So Little

An article showed up in my Flipboard feed yesterday, “Little Things Can Make an Atheist.” I read it, because I was curious to see what the “little things” were. It struck me that the “little things” the author referred to … Continue reading

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God’s Communication Problem pt. 3

The daily lectionary this morning included Jeremiah 36, the story of Jeremiah getting Baruch to transcribe a scroll with all the messages against Judah and read it out at the Temple; Temple officials look over the scroll, and then take … Continue reading

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God’s Communication Problem pt. 2

Continuing to think about the communication problem. Assuming God, and God’s classical attributes (“the omnis,” which is what got me thinking about this problem in the first place, the seeming inconsistency of the omnis with God’s ineffective communication …): God … Continue reading

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