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Points of Reference

My grandparents were refugees. From China, technically, because they had left Russia in 1929. They lived in Harbin for two years or so, before they managed to be part of a small group that received a waiver from the US … Continue reading

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Currently Working On

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On Saying “Yes” to the Dress

Now that Christmas is over and we are back in town from visiting relatives and shopping with Christmas money, it turns out it is time to shop for prom. This is because waiting till the second or third week of … Continue reading

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Cultural Symbolism, or Baking at Christmas

I have done some baking this Christmas, for the first time in at least a decade. I’m not entirely sure why I stopped baking at Christmas; it was probably some combination of busy-ness and overwhelm and the idea that we … Continue reading

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Seasons’ Greetings

Since my father died, I have tried to re-establish the practice of sending Christmas cards. It was a response to shame, as my personal initiatives often are. My dad sent Christmas cards, I realized when I cleaned out the house, … Continue reading

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Surprise – It’s Tradition

Teaching plus rehearsing for the concert coming up on Saturday and Sunday is leaving precious little time for anything else, including remembering to stock up on ibruprofen and immune system support before leaving the house, which explains why I was … Continue reading

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A Brief, Wry Comment on Incarnation

It’s great, but it has its down side. Here’s an example. Nevertheless, as a hermeneutical principle, “the positives exceed the negatives.”

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