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Christian Doctrine (14)

These are my summary notes on Chapter 14 of Christian Doctrine1 “Who’s in Charge Here? The Doctrine of the Resurrection”: Christians celebrate Easter as the victory of God and good over the powers of death and evil. But in the … Continue reading

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Christian Doctrine (13)

Summary notes [and comments] on Chapter 13 of Christian Doctrine1, “Is God Against Us? The Doctrine of the Atonement”: Guthrie begins with a vivid image: a revivalist preacher telling the story of a sinful human being, represented by a dirty … Continue reading

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Christian Doctrine (12)

Summary notes for [and some thoughts on] Chapter 12 of Christian Doctrine1, “Where is God? The Doctrine of the Incarnation”: Continuing to follow the pattern established in the Apostles’ Creed for reviewing the doctrines of the faith, Guthrie moves on … Continue reading

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Seventh Sunday of Easter

I blame Jonah. I blame Jonah for this past week having been … unusually uncomfortable. Because … I wanted to enjoy the feeling of being able to point at Jonah and say “what’s wrong with this guy?” I wanted to … Continue reading

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3rd Sunday in Advent

The conversation in what we loosely call our “Sunday School class” this morning, after a sermon that challenged people to think about “who Jesus is for you,” started out on the physical ailments and progressive losses associated with aging, and … Continue reading

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Reign of Christ Sunday

The Authority of Christ Almighty God, who raised Jesus Christ from the dead and set him above all rule and authority, has given to him all power in heaven and on earth, not only in this age but also in … Continue reading

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