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Thinking about the Mahabharata

I have been thinking about the Mahabharata. Not because I am an expert. I finally acquired the new-ish huge-for-an-abridgement English translation of this epic sacred text by John D. Smith, but haven’t read it. I have read the Bhagavad-Gita, but … Continue reading

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Painfully Timely

This was one of the daily lectionary readings today: There are six things The HOLY ONE hates – no, seven things God detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that kill the innocent, a heart that plots evil, feet that … Continue reading

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Points of Reference

My grandparents were refugees. From China, technically, because they had left Russia in 1929. They lived in Harbin for two years or so, before they managed to be part of a small group that received a waiver from the US … Continue reading

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31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Here’s a sermon for Sunday, October 30 on 2 Chronicles 28:8-15 – a little late: Sunday, October 30, is “Reformation Sunday.” The Protestant churches in the Christian family celebrate this occasion as the anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing his famous … Continue reading

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About Ethical Responsibility

“Doing what the Bible says” does not simply do away with the need to decide among values – including Biblical ones.

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Aristotle’s Question

The Big Question of the Humanities is “what is the good life?” I used to think it was primarily an academic question, but I’m old now, and I am learning from experience that it can take the form of an … Continue reading

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Wondering about feeling good

How important is it to “feel good”? I’m taking a class online which clearly has as one of its important purposes teaching us how to cultivate a positive, calm, serene, happy feeling as we go through life. I’m all for … Continue reading

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