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Truth Value

Class is all over but the grading, which needs to be done a little more quickly than usual because the university’s Moodle site, where all my students’ work will be, is going to be shut down for maintenance two days … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for World Religions

The small liberal arts university where I occasionally teach offers courses in “World Religions.” The discipline of Religious Studies questions the “world religions approach” these days, for good reasons, along with the very idea of “religion” as separate from things … Continue reading

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“Never underestimate …”

In the second-wave-feminist 1970s, it was commonplace to hear the lament “a woman has to be twice as good as a man to get half as far.” In view of the dismaying news of this election season, I have begun … Continue reading

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Why Talk About the Language of Worship?

So, question: can you think without language? No. ? I mean … I don’t think so. Wait … do you mean … anything … in general? Or … something specific?

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Incarnation and Privilege

We had the pleasure and privilege (in a good way) of hearing Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer analyze the “stewardship of incarnation” last night in the 2016 Katie Geneva Cannon lecture.

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A Protocol for Critical Thinking

Here is one way to think about what “critical thinking” is: a set of concrete questions.  When we ask ourselves these questions, and follow appropriate procedures for answering them, we are “doing” critical thinking.

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A Definition of Critical Thinking that Works

Critical thinking describes the process by which students become aware of two sets of assumptions. First, students investigate the assumptions held by scholars in a field of study regarding the way legitimate knowledge is created and advanced in that field. … Continue reading

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