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Christian Doctrine (15)

Summary notes on Christian Doctrine1 Chapter 15, “What’s New? The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit”: Moving on to the next paragraph in the Apostles’ Creed, “I believe in the Holy Spirit.” The identity of the Holy Spirit is one issue. … Continue reading

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Christian Doctrine (10)

Summary notes for Chapter 10, “Who Are We? The Doctrine of Human Beings” in Shirley S. Guthrie, Jr., Christian Doctrine (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 1994) 192-211. It’s harder to say “who we are” than we might think; once … Continue reading

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Third Sunday in Lent

The Uniform Series (Sunday School) Bible text for today is John 15:1-17. It is part of the long (long) discourse Jesus gives his close disciples during and after the last supper, before leaving for the garden (of Gethsemane), before his … Continue reading

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That unmistakable gesture of contempt

I scolded someone I was having a conversation with on Sunday. We had gotten on the topic of the Huge Decision that’s looming at my church; I had made a comment that reflected what I understood to be some people’s … Continue reading

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