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Trinity Sunday

[A sermon on the Uniform Series text for June 11, which is also Trinity Sunday in the liturgical year.] The text for the morning is Judges 6:11-18, the beginning of the story of Gideon’s call. Gideon lives in the time … Continue reading

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Thoughts on God’s Will

Friends of mine have invoked the theme of God’s will to condemn the demonstrations that have occurred in the past several days in the wake of the recent election. I don’t know that they have Calvin’s doctrine of providence in … Continue reading

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On Not Knowing What You Don’t Know

There are a lot of things I used to be, and one of them was a political science major. Even then, I was not really that interested in electoral politics. The kind of politics I was then and have always … Continue reading

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God’s Communication Problem pt. 3

The daily lectionary this morning included Jeremiah 36, the story of Jeremiah getting Baruch to transcribe a scroll with all the messages against Judah and read it out at the Temple; Temple officials look over the scroll, and then take … Continue reading

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Media Environment

Although I am still thinking about the problem of the ineffectiveness of human-divine communication, it has occurred to me that our own non-divine communication processes are not always remarkably more effective, and that we are at present facing not exactly … Continue reading

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An Ayah on Guidance

MuslimPro’s verse of the day from the Qur’an was Surah 28, Al-Qasas, (The Story or The Narrative) 56. This is how it reads in Pickthall’s translation: Lo! thou (O Muhammad) guidest not whom thou lovest, but Allah guideth whom He … Continue reading

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God’s Communication Problem pt. 2

Continuing to think about the communication problem. Assuming God, and God’s classical attributes (“the omnis,” which is what got me thinking about this problem in the first place, the seeming inconsistency of the omnis with God’s ineffective communication …): God … Continue reading

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