Girls’ Day Out

Image artwork of girl

A girl being happy
By Yakudza (assumed based on copyright claims). [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Today is UN International Day of the Girl. Because the world in which girls are thriving will be the world in which humanity is thriving.

If we think of “utopian” as “maybe desirable, but intrinsically impossible,” then the impulse behind the International Day of the Girl is not utopian at all. Because the world in which girls are thriving is completely possible. Different from this one. But completely possible.

[I’m behind in my reading, so the first verse in the New Testament daily lectionary this morning was the one from October 8: “Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting to those who belong to the Lord.” (Colossians 3:18) The exegesis of this text ought not to be a daily reality for a teenager. But it is: according to the UN fact sheet, “Globally, 1 in 7 adolescent girls aged 15-19 are currently married or in union.” The world that fact describes is not inevitable – just the one we have made so far.]


About HAT

Heather Thiessen (HAT) is a happily married 60-ish, Bible-reading, Presbyterian Church Sunday School teaching and choir singing, small fuel efficient car driving, still pretty much 2nd wave feminist and generally out lesbian Hoosier mom. (There are no monochrome states.) From time to time she teaches religious studies to students at a small liberal arts college in Louisville, Kentucky.
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